Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More handmade fun and giveaways!

New piece added to the shop:

Vintage Charm:

I've been sick for the last few days, so my progress on new pieces has been a little slow.  But hopefully by the weekend I'll be over the crud, and able to crank out a few more pieces. 
Plus, I've got a couple of promotional things I'm doing, which means not only do I need new pieces to list in the shop, but 20 new pieces to place in TheSpottedBox, and one other piece to include in the Modish December Giveaway!

Check out The Spotted Box and all it's participants 
Here .      

And go on over to Modish for this month's double giveaway and check back in December for the giveaway that will include a jewelry piece from Stella Jade. 

Go Here to enter the November November giveaway. Enter and you could win all this pictured here ( worth $778!!) :

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