Friday, December 12, 2008

1st Friday Feature

I just found Abby of Infusion a couple of weeks ago.
I love all her bags, wristlets, and pouches.

Just look at these:

Makes you want the whole stack, doesn't it?

Everything is so clean and beautiful looking...

blogger recently described her bags as 
boho chic meets Aubrey Hepburn

Abby is devoted to creating durable, long lasting products that are both functional and beautiful. 
She uses natural, organic and recycled fibers in her sewing.

After lurking around on her blog, I had a few questions for Abby. 
And this is what she had to say...

How & when did you learn to sew?
I learned to use a sewing machine when I was about 15 I think. My aunt showed me the basics and then I dove right in and made my first pair of pants (with a lot of help from a friend). Over the next few years I played around here and there, and then somewhere in there I ended up in college and sewing went by the wayside. I picked it up again about a year ago and I am in love. Over this last year my skill level and ability to focus has grown immensely.

What inspired the start up of Infusion and how did you get 
where you are today?
I had discovered a few of the many amazing craft blogs and web sites out there while trying to learn some new sewing techniques. It was through one of those sites that I found etsy... a little over a year ago now. I was SO inspired by the many artists making beautiful and interesting things, and some of them were even making a living at it (!). I decided to try to sell some of my sewn creations, which was one of the best decisions I may have ever made. I have been thoroughly enthused with the progress of infusion since day 1. I can honestly say that infusion has changed me, and is changing my life.

Where do you craft your beautiful bags, pillows and other items such as the cute little booties I've seen on your blog?
I am lucky enough to live and work in the most beautiful place on the planet... well, at least it seems that way to me! I live with my boyfriend in a lofty studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is a small space (about 700 sqft) that has now been mostly consumed with my work. Our space has been through a number of transformations (all forged by my amazing boyfriend) in order to accommodate my machines and fabrics and tools, so that I can work more efficiently (while also allowing space enough for us to comfortably live in our home... sigh). 

And what sort of process do you go through from 
Idea to Completed product?
I have many ideas floating around at any given time. Usually I make those ideas happen during a break from order fulfillments, or when I just need to wander and do something different. I find it's important for me to make time for fun, light projects (like booties and birds!) to balance the more focused production work.

Goals, future plans with Infusion?
My near goal is to release a line of organic clothing. My longer goal, which I am super excited about, is to do infusion full time. For now, I am in a unique job situation as manager at an ocean front retreat center, so I will continue to balance this job with infusion until the time feels right to shift.

Other hobbies, interests, loves?
I have recently learned to knit again and I think I am taken by it :) I also enjoy doing yoga, learning new ways to heal and grow and change, learning to prepare raw gourmet, walking on the beach or anywhere out in nature, people watching, bird watching, wave watching... thrifting, sipping organic red wine with my beau and doing all sorts of crafty things when ever I can. I think I am starting to bring a new balance back into my life where sewing does not consume my every moment!

I'll take one of each of these please :)

All Photos featured here today are copyright of Infusion.

Wanting more?? I know you are!! :
Her shop on Etsy. Infusion
Her Blog. Infusion Fibers

Thanks Abby for all your time involved in answering my questions . You are extremely talented and I hope to have my hands on one of these gorgeous bags soon!! Though it will be tough to decide which one...


Jennifer P. said...

I LOVE the lining! I WOULD like one of each color---but about 3 times the size :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jennifer and BIG THANKS to Sarah!! Jennifer, I do make them bigger :)