Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Feature!

I stumbled across Jennifer and 

her fabulous shop of goodies for the little ones,in July of this year. 

And HAD to have something from her beautiful selection. 

I decided on the beautiful cupcake burp cloths pictured below and

recently purchased more burp cloths to mail to a friend of mine. 

They were priced just right and so beautiful. 

I had trouble not keeping them for myself!

Since I loved the items at BabyMomo so much, 

I decided that other's should be introduced 

and given a chance to love Jennifer and her shop as well. 

I approached Jennifer about doing a quick 'interview' and she kindly obliged. 

So Jennifer, how did babymomo get started?

After I had my daughter Naomi, everyone kept telling me I should sell the baby stuff I was making for her. After a year, I finally gave in and decided to do it! I started Baby Momo in September of 2007, the same month my son Henry was born. The name Baby Momo comes from my nickname "momo" which means "peach" in Japanese. Since I was making baby things, Baby Momo seemed like the perfect brand name!

What machine do you use and what crafting tool could you just not live without?

I use a Kenmore and I could not live without my scissors! 

I cut out more patterns than I ever have time to sew!

How did you get started sewing?

I did a lot of hand sewing when I was little, then one year my Mom gave me a sewing machine and I just took off sewing! I was making bedding, clothing, costumes, etc by the time I was 13!

You mentioned your 2 kids, how do you balance being a mom and running Babymomo?

I have specific times where I work more on my business - when the kids nap, when my husband is home and spending time with them, I stay up after everyone is in bed sometimes to cut out patterns to be sewn the next day. It's a lot of work, but it means I can run my business and be home with my kids which is irreplaceable to me! I also involve my kids in the fun stuff, they love going fabric shopping with me and my daughter likes to help me lay out fabric to cut and watch me sew. We have a lot of fun together!

Outside of babymomo and sewing what are your other hobbies.

I love baking and cooking - especially new things. I love watching movies, spending time with my kids, eating out with my husband, painting, writing, reading, swimming...and pretty much anything domestic!

Jennifer also has another shop, momohome.

All photographs picture in this blog today are copyright of BabyMomo.

Want more?!

Her shop for kiddos: babymomo

Her shop for home: momohome

Blog: Coming in 2009! 

Thanks a bunch Jennifer!

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