Monday, December 1, 2008

Pictures to share and more. Part 1

I have lots of photos to share. 
So I'll split them up and share some tomorrow as well.

First off McKenzie on Thanksgiving Day.

Her cute sparkly furry boots came off as soon as we arrived...figures.

My clock on the way to Kohl's Friday morning.

Yes I took this while driving. But in fairness I was at a stoplight.
And yes that is 3:50 AM. 
I was at Kohl's at 4am, Walmart at 4:30 or so, Target around 5:15, and then went to a few others and was back home at 8:30.

And no I did not arrive at Kohl's early enough. 
There were hundreds in line to get in, in front of me.  
To top it off when I got there it had begun to pour. 
So it was raining, cold and very early.
And I'd do it all over again, in a heartbeat.
In fact. I'll repeat the same madness next year. 
(planning to add in midnight madness at the outlets as well)

And one of McKenzie with her tree. (More tomorrow)

One completed ring.
One unfinished ring to be.
And my changes in 'packaging' for Christmas time 
for those customers who don't request gift wrap.


JB said...

Oh Emm Gee. Your baby is freakin awesomely cute, but you already know that...I have told the earring story to anyone that will listen, but no one truly appreciates it as much as i do! Yay for new rings in the shop.

Boggles the mind said...

haha you should read my soon to be blog about black friday...MCKENZIE is the cutest! I'll be looking for more stuff in your shop! P.S. How did you get the name Stella Jade?