Monday, December 15, 2008

Clothespin Doll Ornament & Giveaway!!

It took me quite some time to decide
what exactly I should make for the ornament swaps.
I eventually decided to check out Martha's website,
because surely Martha Stewart could come to the rescue, right?
I found directions, video and a template
for these fantastic clothespin doll ornaments.
They were a bit more time consuming than I had first imagined,
but completely worth it!

Doll ornament (The Ice Skater) process through pictures:

I used felt with sparkles cause it made me happy.
You can use, felt of any kind, fabric, lace...
whatever your little heart desires.
(and you'll need paintbrushes for the body and hair)
See a full list of supplies

Martha Stewart's site says to use a 'felsh' colored paint, well I didn't have any, so I used white .
I used my finger to paint on the hair cause I could not find my small paint brushes.
Black and red markers to make eyes, mouth, and rosy cheeks.

I adjusted the ice skater's top, I made the width wider and the length shorter,
I kept the skirt the same size as the template.

Martha's site also says to double up on the arms to make them thicker.
I did not.

I did however add a piece for a scarf and "fringed" one end.

and ta-da! A beautiful ice skater for your tree!

If you'd like to win this little ice skater, please leave a comment about a christmas memory of any kind or tell me your favorite thing about Christmas time. Contest ends tomorrow night (midnight/central time) so that I can get it to the winner in time for Christmas! (make sure if you don't have a blog that I can locate you by, you leave an email address for me, thanks!)

For the video, more instructions and templates for this doll and other's,
such as Mr. and Mrs. Claus, visit Martha Stewart's website HERE.
The video will automatically start to play after a few seconds, to see the directions and templates again, simply close the video portion.


Boggles the mind said...

Every Christmas my piano teacher, who felt like a grandmother to me, would always have a Christmas play that she wrote. Every year, until I was 18 played angel Gabriel. I wanted to pass the role on to the little kiddies, but she always insisted I be the "head" angel. It was a nice tradition that I had growing up and I always looked forward to wearing the wings that my dad made me (they were covered in gold tinsels) :)

JB said...