Thursday, December 11, 2008

Struggling with..

I'm having a hard time.
I can not decide on how many of each piece of jewelry to continue to sell/giveaway.
I want my pieces to be special and limited.
But how many actually qualifies as 'limited edition' ?

2, 3, 5, 10?

With some pieces it's easy,
I simply cannot find more of the beads, buttons or what have you,
to recreate that item. 
But what about those pieces where I have more stock, or
am able to order more.
Then how do I decide how many of them to make?
Sure, if an item does well, It seems like a good idea to make more...
but that brings me back to wanting to make special, limited quantity, one of a kind pieces.

Oh decisions...

So, I know last week was supposed to be the first of the Friday Features.
But, I changed how I was going to do it and decided to be more personal with it...

So check back for my first Friday Feature, 
and see some great talent and beautiful handmade items!
You'll just HAVE TO HAVE what I'm going to show you. Promise.

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