Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Modish December Giveaway

It's the last of it's kind and it's awesomely HUGE!!
There will be 3 days of Giveaways and
Today, Day 1, includes my Let Them Eat Cake Bracelet!

photo property of Jena at Modish

There it is... by the funky and awesome Christmas tree monster from KIVETT STUDIO resting on the adorable wiener dog print that I can't seem to figure out who it was created by.

So go enter HERE
As I can see several things including the cute wiener dogs print that several of you would love.
And check back tomorrow and Friday for the remainder of the giveaways!


Will you look at this....

photos property of Kathleen at Grosgrain

Seriously, everytime, I think I couldn't love something more, she busts out something even more fabulous.
I'm entering. And you should too!!


JB said...

can i just say that i love your little signature thingy...too cute <3

Sarah said...

Thanks. I found directions on how to do it at one of my favorite sites. If you follow directions starting here :

you can make one too!!

i feel it's like signing a printed letter or card, it adds another personal touch.