Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our nativity set & New pieces

I love the Little People's Nativity Set!
I'm pretty sure I would have bought it 
even if I didn't have a little girl as my excuse...

My favorite is this donkey with the mohawk going on.
Kenzie loves it too, mostly to chew on his hair,
but also when Mommy makes the donkey 'talk'..."eeeehaa, eeehaaa"

And new pieces for the shop to be added today...

And tomorrow,
I'll feature a talented mom 
she makes wonderful things for the little ones.
You'll definitely want to see who it is 
so you can buy up her beautiful items for your little one,
or for that special soon to be mommy in your life.


JB said...

<3 the new pieces!!!!!! love the square beads! fun fun fun!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie (I mean your little McKenzie, not the donkey!) :) I remember loving Little People. They were very simple then, almost like round clothespins with clothes and faces painted on. They look so different now!