Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Saturday Six

Six things you should know about me, 
whether you care to or not...

1. I HATE coats for their purpose, LOVE how pretty they are. LOVE the cold weather. I just really don't like wearing them into stores and such where I'm going to sweat to death.  If I can wear them outside walking around to look cute, and then hand it off to someone...or hang it up somewhere, when I walk in somewhere warm, I'm great.  Thank goodness for McKenzie and the need for a stroller at times...good place to stash the jacket, scarf..etc.

2. I LOVELOVELOVE cupcakes...and cookies. I really don't know how to separate the two. They are both so yummy. I cannot live without either.  The problem and addiction started when I was pregnant with MH. Though, it also included a great fascination with milkshakes. (that's where the extra 40 pounds came from...huh. interesting.  Cupcakes, though, are just so especially pretty and yummy all at once.  Just the most genius thing ever thought of.  and cookies too. I'm not discounting cookies, believe me.

3. I want 4 more little ones. Yes you read it correctly. 4 more.  Hubby and I have discussed 3 more, but I feel in my heart that 5 will be the perfect number... and occasionally I feel like it maybe should be 6. But, I always come back to 5.  And trust me, odd numbers bug me. bug the heck out of me. though, 3 is my favorite number.  Yes. If you hadn't already guessed, I'm a little peculiar. I don't like uneven numbers but 3 is my favorite number.  We'd love to adopt a couple of kids, if possible. From Asia or Africa. But, really, it doesn't matter where from, I have a place in my heart for any child in need of a home. I visited an orphanage once, and I feel that experience alone left my heart open to care for a child in need like that.  But, then I saw Steven Curtis Chapman in concert and he talked about his adoptive children and my heart ached to give a child a home....

4.  I have an unhealthy addiction for undies, shoes and bags. Ok, so my addiction for cupcakes and cookies is probably more unhealthy. But really, I may have a problem.  Especially, in the underwear department.  I swear I could go months before needing to do laundry, because I have that many unmentionable belongings.  The shoe addiction is semi-new, but is a growing problem.  Luckily, I keep it reasonable. I don't find myself typically longing for a pair of Manolo Blahniks.  My husband would laugh at me, if I ever even 'thought' about wanting a pair of those.

5. I had a dream to be a disney artist when I was younger.  I stuck to my artistic dreams and hopes.  And I still use a pencil and paper...I'm just not drawing cartoons, instead I'm sketching ideas for jewelry pieces.  I'm happy to be where I'm at.

6. I have a big mushy heart. I'm such a softy. And I wear my emotions on my sleeve.  Sometimes I feel as though this is a fault, but I've learned to embrace it.  I care, and that's just all there is to it. It's not something I can easily switch on and off.

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JB said...

had no idea you wanted to be a disney artist! how cute! <3 you